Wildlife control is specialty work, and every job is different. There's no one-price-fits all option. To get a free price quote over the phone for your wildlife situation, call us at 843-654-1860 and describe your animal issue, and we can give you a phone estimate. Factors that can affect price include:

  • Type of animal and number of animals
  • Location of animals (yard, or in attic?)
  • Number of trap setups we will need to use
  • Amount of animal damage repairs needed
  • Size of house, extent of inspection needed
  • Potential dangerous roof or animal factors
  • Do you need animal waste and odor cleanup?
  • Driving distance to your property

Charleston trapping We are the top choice in animal control for the local area with experience in the business that dates back over ten years. We have garnered a fantastic reputation within the community for being a reputable, trustworthy and reliable service with your best interests at heart. We love our local community as much as you and want to protect you and your loved ones from any harm that can be caused by the local wildlife. We do this by offering the services of our local, friendly and highly educated staff who are fully insured, licensed and equipped for any job that you can propose. Each of these employees have their own unique specialties, whether it’s a snake, skunk, possum or rodent that is causing you stress, we will assess the situation over the phone and send out the best man or woman for the job. We cover private and residential properties and no job is too small. We don’t only remove these animals from the premises, we also offer essential services that will make sure your property is safe, odor free and has preventative measures in place so that you won’t need to call us again any time soon. We repair any damage caused to your facilities, remove all live young and we close all entry points through our extensive 32 point inspection system. So if this sounds like the service for you, be sure to get in contact and make your house animal free once again.